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University Faculty in Uzbekistan

2 Years or More, Asia, Education, Uzbekistan
Duration: 2 Years or More
Locations: Uzbekistan , Asia
Program Description
Program Costs
Why Go?
Program Description

Transfer your leadership and teaching skills to an exciting new university in Uzbekistan! 

An international, English-speaking, American-model university in Uzbekistan aspires to educate students to the highest international standards and to train personnel in areas such as mining, metallurgy, gas chemistry, petrochemicals, and a variety of engineering disciplines, as well as entrepreneurship, management, and leadership.

As an engineering and science university, it strives to meet a severe need for the development of local technological skills and expertise within Uzbekistan in engineering and science, to answer the demands of the country’s newly evolving economy. The mining and energy (particularly gas and oil) sectors make up a significant share of Uzbekistan’s GDP. 

Faculty needs:

  • Admissions Director
  • Faculty Developer
  • 2-3 ESL/EFL teachers with significant experience in English for special purposes (STEM specifically)
  • 2 Math instructors/professors
  • 3 Chemistry/Physics instructor/professors
  • 2 Design (as in engineering) instructors/professors
  • 2 Computer Science instructors/professors
  • 2 “Student Success” instructors/professors (study skills, problem solving, critical thinking, communications
  • Director of Foundations Program (prep year; may be selected among initial cohorts of faculty)
  • Work effectively in a collegial, collaborative, interdisciplinary academic environment both within the Department and across the University campus;
  • Participate in curriculum innovations and improvements;
  • Contribute to the diversity and excellence of the academic community through their teaching;
  • Participate in faculty responsibilities such as: course and curriculum development and review, student learning outcomes and assessment, program review, committees, research and special projects as needed in the discipline/department or district.

Are you ready to leverage your leadership and teaching skills overseas? If so, learn more today by emailing or apply by clicking on the Get Started button!


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Possess a bachelor degree in relevant subject matter;
  • All candidates must have demonstrable native or near-native proficiency in English;
  • All candidates should have at least 2 years of experience in teaching at the university level or with a foundation year bridge program/foundation program, but candidates with experience teaching high school will be considered;
  • Flexibility and the ability to teach Mathematics at all levels and Study Skills, including the applications of the Microsoft Office suite, is essential;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills Relevant subject matter expertise;
  • Relevant subject matter experience;
  • Enthusiasm, responsibility, and team-building skills;
  • Ability to work under pressure.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master or PhD degree in relevant subject matter;
  • Experience designing and implementing curricula;
  • Experience in project-based and/or active-learning pedagogy;
  • Experience in teaching courses in a collaborative team environment;
  • Experience with the development and presentation of online courses;
  • Experience with mentoring students;
  • Experience engaging students with diverse academic backgrounds in instructional settings.
  • Experience teaching abroad makes a candidate’s application stronger;
  • Demonstrated leadership skills and ability to influence and motivate constituencies, which could span multiple organizational boundaries;
  • Demonstrated record of planning and analytical skills;
  • Demonstrated ability using creative problem-solving.

If you believe you are qualified, have a passion for developing people who will build their nation, and would like more information about how you might join the team, contact us today at!

Program Costs

*Customized budget created for each applicant:

  • If hired by the university, salary and benefits will be discussed by the university.
  • Fundraising necessary to complement the salary if needed.
  • Fundraising training, consulting, and coaching is available for all participants, helping them reach their budgetary goals.

*Contact for more information.

Why Go?

Participate in creating the foundation on to which students will feel empowered to contribute to the care of the environment as they help in the development of the economy and the people of their country!

You will have the opportunity not only to grow in your professional skills but also to immerse yourself into a dynamic culture, develop new friendships within the school and your community, and gain a deeper understanding of how your unique gifts can impact the next generation.

If you have a heart for Central Asia and want to put your education and leadership skills to work, this opportunity is designed for you!