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Prisoner Rehabilitation in Tunisia

Locations: Tunisia , Africa
Program Description
Program Costs
Why Go?
Program Description

Be a part of a team that is bringing care, support, training, and hope to those who live on the margins in Tunisia. Join our Prisoner Rehabilitation in Tunisia Program today!

IDEAS has a long-standing partnership with a like-minded, local development organization working to bring about transformation in the lives of people in North Africa. They focus on those who are marginalized, vulnerable, or disadvantaged. Areas of project focus are rural populations, people with disabilities, individuals and families in vulnerable situations, and palliative care.

The At Risk Sector works with people in the Tunisian society who are at risk and live in the margins of society, for instance female prisoners and mothers without family support. For several years, our partner has worked with female prisoners and is now looking for experts to join our new work with male prisoners and minors. We are looking for professionals who have experience of working in prisons and/or working with individuals who have completed their sentence.

Applicants to this program would:

  • Work with the prisoners (coaching, mentoring, training)
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate projects
  • Network and build relationships with local officials, associations, and other actors
  • Follow-up with ex-prisoners in cooperation with local associations

Within the team and sector:

  • Participate in team and sector meetings, conferences, and other events
  • Support team and sector, for instance through hospitality
  • Communicate and report, i.e., through presentations, reports, and stories
  • Follow ACT procedures and guidelines
  • Participate in an annual review of work and team life

Have you ever wanted to use your knowledge and passions to see communities grow and thrive? Our Prisoner Rehabilitation in Tunisia Program will allow you to do just that! Learn more by contacting the IDEAS office at 720-283-9100.

  • Degree in Social work and or 5 years of professional experience in a relevant field
  • Working fluency in either French or Arabic
  • Cross-cultural experience, preferably in the Arab world
  • Commitment to the principles of transformational development: We aim for a process of positive change in values, attitudes, and relationships and hope to see people, communities, and societies move towards fullness of life with dignity, justice, peace, and hope, reflected in the social, physical, and spiritual aspects of life.
  • Ability to initiate and pioneer new projects, ability to take charge and be assertive
  • Leadership and project management skills: plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate projects, including high-quality documentation (proposals, reports)
  • Courageous, adventurous, and teachable
  • Ability to persevere in ever-changing circumstances and work independently
  • A team player who is ready to serve the team with his/her gifts
Program Costs

Customized budget created for each applicant

This program is designed for those who have the long-term in mind! A personalized budget will be created for each applicant or family and will require fundraising. Fundraising training, consulting, and coaching is available for all participants, helping them reach their budgetary goals. For more information about this program, please email
Why Go?

Experience the beauty of Tunisia while serving those who live along the margins of society and who need training and support in order to thrive.

Come alongside and support local leaders who are seeking additional training and resources. Leverage your education and passions to help bring hope and healing to those on the margins. Spend time outside of your comfort zone, seeing transformation take place.

And not only will you have the opportunity to transfer your skill set, but you will also grow in ways you could never imagine! Dive into the beautiful culture of Tunisia.  Experience new sights and sounds while developing life-long friendships along the way.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Learn more about our Prisoner Rehabilitation in Tunisia Program today!