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What Is God's Theme for Your Year?

What Is God's Theme for Your Year?

I have never liked New Year’s resolutions. They are often based on the premise that you aren’t thin enough, successful enough, or happy enough and that if you just commit to a routine you can fix yourself. Then—statistically within two weeks—your sense of insufficiency is reinforced when you fail to stick to your new regime.

In 2020 I attended a women’s conference where I was challenged to ask God for a word of the year to focus my reflections on Him. Instead of thinking about MY goals, I considered what God wanted to teach me about Himself and life in Him.

That year my word was “surrender,” and my relationship with God deepened as He taught me about looking to Him for guidance, trusting in His plan, giving over my anxiety to Him, and walking in faithful obedience.

This year my word is “beloved.”

God has revealed to me recently how much freedom from fear there can be in finding my worth in Him rather than chasing worldly acclaim.

I am reading through a daily devotional of writings by Henri Nouwen titled You Are the Beloved, which includes this quote: Once I have accepted the truth that I am God’s beloved child, unconditionally loved, I can be sent into the world to speak and to act as Jesus did.”

I encourage you to join me on this journey into deeper relationship with God in 2022.

Here is a blog with questions to consider as you reflect on what God's theme for your year might be. If you’re someone who needs a little more structure, here is a short quiz that could guide you to a word. Once you complete the quiz, pray over that word and ask God how He could use it to bless you this year.


About the Author: Julia is an IDEAS Associate and moved to Tunisia in 2021. She oversees community needs assessments, project development and implementation, local partner relationships, and impact measurement for an IDEAS partnering project. Enjoy other blogs by Julia, such as Stories of Triumph and Transformation.