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The Power of Love at Work

The Power of Love at Work

Love is a universal language that is understood worldwide. It heals relationships, fuels hope, renews joy, and enlivens self-worth.

Love is communicated in many ways, whether through words of affirmation, a selfless act of kindness, or an unexpected gift.

Love is also demonstrated through the professional gifts and skills God has given to us within the communities in which he's placed us. Being part of the IDEAS community gives me the opportunity to offer my gifts and skills for the sake of loving those who are overlooked and forgotten by meeting their physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs.

This love is best demonstrated by God’s sacrifice to us, to those who didn’t know him and didn’t deserve anything from him. Christ’s death for us is love in its purest form and offers the gift of hope, salvation, and grace. 

The power of love is transforming communities worldwide as IDEAS Associates work to demonstrate love through their professional skills and projects:

  • Adults with disabilities in North Africa are empowered to build a livelihood and pursue financial independence through income-generating projects that utilize their work skills.
  • Local healthcare teams are trained and equipped to provide health, hope, and knowledge to Karen people in the most remote areas of Myanmar.
  • Wheelchairs are provided and properly fitted for children with disabilities in Kenya and Guatemala, who then gain a newfound independence.
  • Disadvantaged youth in Lebanon receive training in carpentry, sewing, and computer skills. These three skills are complemented with life-coaching and spiritual outreach to provide transformational impact for these youth and facilitate better dreams, better work prospects, and a hopeful future.
  • Mother-child groups are offered in two centers for children with disabilities in North Africa. The aim is to bring appreciation, hope, and light to the often-difficult family circumstances through a varied program and targeted teachings.
  • Locals in Central Asia are connected to English teachers for chats on Zoom, building strong connections and opportunities to build relationships.

How is the power of love at work in your life?

In what ways do your gifts and skills bring healing and transformation to your family, workplace, and community?

About the Author: Barb is the IDEAS Director of Community Life and has lived in Cote d'lvoire and France. Enjoy other blogs by Barb, such as "What Inspires You?"