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Seeds of Transformation in Rural China: Wanmay’s Story - Part 2

Seeds of Transformation in Rural China: Wanmay’s Story - Part 2

Understanding the circumstances and realities of those we work with is necessary to share hope in a compassionate and life-bringing way, as shown in Wanmay’s story. As she cared for her mother following a serious accident, her family was facing a terrible hardship. At that moment, IDEAS was able to come alongside in this difficult situation.

Let’s let her tell us the rest of the story…

My life changed when I met IDEAS Community Development Associates at age 13. I was caring for my mom at the hospital after she was hit by a car. My father was absent from the family at the time. Through that situation, I developed a relationship with the IDEAS Associates in my community.

I was able to go back to school at age 16, and I graduated high school at age 20. Last year I graduated college, and I am now testing for a teaching job. In the meantime, I help my mom on the farm as I look for a job. My dad is doing better now.

My friends and I realize the huge sacrifices our parents make, and we want to pay them back and help our siblings. We see how hard their life is and how privileged we are to have an education for a better job opportunity and life. Thanks to the relationships and support of IDEAS community Development Associates, life is so much better than it was.

My family has also been changed for the better. My sister is now a teacher. I’m more confident. I see opportunities for my future. I’m not going to end up living on a farm like my mom did. I now have hope.

Because of IDEAS, people in my village have running water in their homes for the first time. I have seen older women start to cry tears of joy because they don’t need to walk anymore to get water. There is a renewed sense of hope in my village that someone cares, that there is a God who loves them, sees them, and cares for them. We have hope that there is something more out there than we realized.

I am also learning the value of helping others in need because of what I have learned and experienced.

Because of the seeds of hope that were planted in my community, I am now working on finding a teaching position so that I can continue to plant seeds of transformation for the next generation.

What a humbling, honoring opportunity to restore hope by meeting tangible needs. What a blessing to know that through our labor God is showing people what his love and compassion look like.

In Wanmay’s life, our school sponsorship program enabled her and her siblings to stay in school and get the education they need to escape poverty and become contributors in their own communities.

IDEAS Community Development Associates living out our faith has great impact and communicates something powerful: “If you can come halfway around the world for us, we can help our neighbor right where we are.”

This is a significant mindset change, especially in rural China where traditionally only family helps family. But by going and showing care even though I am not in their family tree, this pushes them beyond what they previously knew. They learn that transformation is possible.

Today, will you help multiply our efforts in planting seeds of hope around the world for communities like Wanmay's by giving towards IDEAS $25,000 Matching Campaign


About the Author: Chris is an IDEAS Associate and has been working with rural communities in China since 2002. He uses his engineering background to demonstrate God's love through community transformation projects. His work involves helping rural Chinese communities rise out of poverty. Click here to read more about how hope is being restored in China.