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Key to Happiness

Key to Happiness

I was born in Myanmar and have devoted myself to work for the Karen community on the Thai-Myanmar border (refugee camps).

As I am Karen, I am honored and pleased to work for the Karen people and to support them with my knowledge, skills, and experience. I started to work with Earth Mission Asia (EMA) in 2019 and was assigned to provide medical services and to conduct training for Physician Assistants. EMA supports and helps Karen people in remote regions by producing young Karen health professionals and empowering them to provide high-quality healthcare to their local community.
The local people serving the local community is the best way for community mobilization and empowerment to achieve sustainable development.

EMA gave birth to two clinics in Myanmar, which allows the Karen people in remote areas to access healthcare services regardless of socioeconomic status, religion, and geographic location. If these clinics did not function during recent political circumstances and instabilities, the Karen people would have difficulty accessing quality health services because of the breakdown of the healthcare system and transportation challenges and restrictions. However, even in difficult situations, medical supplies, services, and training have continued.  
Physician Assistants (Karen youth) are the health professionals trained by EMA. They are fully equipped with medical knowledge during the 5-year intensive Physician Assistant Program. This training is a rare opportunity for Karen youth to be trained by health professionals from Myanmar and other parts of the world. The Karen youth are the key persons who play pivotal roles in the well-functioning of the clinic in the remote hilly region.

As long as the Physician Assistant Program is ongoing and the local clinic is functioning, delivering health services to the Karen community is possible even if political circumstances and the healthcare system worsen.

It is a challenging time for all Myanmar people. We do not know what will happen next, and the future is unpromising and unpredictable. We are living with insecurities.

However, EMA supports us in many ways by providing salaries for every staff member as well as food and shelter during the current political situation. I am very touched and impressed by how EMA embraces the clinical staff with their help, psychological support, and financial assistance during this difficult time.

I am motivated every day, due to a healthy working environment and atmosphere. Our leaders are kind and supportive. Co-workers and subordinates are hardworking and coordinated. The teamwork is very promising. Medical supplies and equipment are sufficient. Day-to-day experiences with patients and training excite me. Additionally, everybody has the same mindset: to help and support Karen people equally regardless of their socioeconomic status, background, and religion. 

I think this is the key to happiness while working with EMA.

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About the Author: Dr. Nant Htet (M.B.B.S. degree from the Institute of Medicine; M.P.H. degree from Mahidol University, Bangkok) is T-RAD Clinic’s Staff Physician for EMA, an IDEAS partnering project that empowers the Karen people to provide high-quality healthcare in the jungles of Myanmar. Dr. Nant Htet joined EMA in 2019 and has been a crucial member of T-RAD Medical Team. She has devoted herself to help the Karen communities. Learn more about the transformational hope happening in Myanmar: "How a Pill Gets Uphill: A Medication's Journey."